RentWorks Tennessee

RentWorks Tennessee

Rentworks Tennessee is a property management company located in Memphis, Tennessee that was founded by real estate investors to specifically cater to the needs of other rental property investors. We provide residential and commercial management services to property owners and investors with rental properties in Memphis and surrounding suburbs. We are a full service management company providing property advertising, tenant screening, lease signing, funds management, property maintenance, financial accounting/reporting, and tenant removal and collections, if necessary. Our company was created to cater to real estate investors, but are also available for owners with only one rental property in their portfolio. Whether you are a client with multiple rental properties or just one, our management structure will provide you with maximum cash flow while protecting your assets. Memphis is one of the top rental property markets in the country so we work diligently and are hands on with each and every investor and tenant to provide them with the best property management experience possible. If you want the best property management company in Memphis, then look no further than Rentworks Tennessee.

Meet Our Officers:


Kyle Davenport

Director of Memphis Property Management

Born and raised in Millington, Tennessee a small town outside of Memphis Kye has over 10 years of real estate knowledge and experience. He works with investors from around the world to help grow their portfolios and help maximizeĀ  returns. Kyle is dedicated to helping you buy, sell, manage, and renovate properties that produce great returns so you can sit back, stress free and build your real estate wealth. In his capacity as a full-service real estate expert, Kyle strives to service the entire spectrum of exclusive clients and investors Memphis has to offer. Kyle maintains many clients ranging from high net worth investors to first time home buyers.



Our team has over a combined 20 years helping owners fill their properties fast with quality tenants.


We offer many services to ensure your property is maintained & that you stay current with laws and policies that govern owning and leasing a property.


With Rentworks Tennessee you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that we have extensive market knowledge specific to Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding area.

Proven Results

We have worked with numerous clients all over Tennesseea. We have provided them with stellar service and will continue to do so into the future.

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I have found Rentworks, LLC to be very professional in all aspects. Being a real estate investor living in Australia, I have trusted them to manage my investment and they have exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for property management.

Neville Wilkinson

Property Owner